taught by Dr. Susan Strasburger

Course description

When asked how satisfied we are with our friendships on a scale of 1-10—the vast majority of us score our friendships at 5 or below—that’s most of us tipped toward dissatisfaction!

If we were to stand in front of a crowd and ask, “How many of you have a disappointing friendship?", we fear that nearly every hand would go up. Even if we have some friendships that are feeling good, it seems we all have at least one where the gap between what we want and what we have leaves us feeling dissatisfied. In this 1-hr course, taught by Dr. Susan Strasburger, you will learn:

  • What expectations are appropriate and healthy in our friendships
  • How to take responsibility for our needs and learn how to get them met
  • When it’s best to confront a friend who has caused hurt or frustration
  • What guideposts help us deepen and repair instead of blame and defend
  • How to practice the 4 Steps of Nonviolent Communication in all of our relationships
  • Specific examples of how to talk about some of the most common frustrations
Dr. Susan Strasburger
Dr. Susan Strasburger

Dr. Susan Strasburger is a practicing therapist in the SF Bay Area. She has her PhD in Psychology and Somatic Counseling, and has decades of study in complementary approaches. She is Myers-Briggs certified, a registered EFT practitioner, and is a certified master coach.