How to Raise Your EQ for Better Friendships

taught by Dr. Arlene Taylor

Course description

Dr. Arlene Taylor shares emerging brain function information that can help you purposefully use your brain to enhance success, make choices that better match your own uniqueness, effectively manage your brain’s energy for brain longevity, and enhance your understanding of yourself and others. In this course, taught by Dr. Arlene Taylor, you will learn:

  • What 3 actions we must master to raise our Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Why our EQ determines 80% of success in life and relationships
  • The 3 behaviors that can reduce our relational conflict by 85%
  • The difference between feelings vs emotions
  • The 4 core emotions that govern much of our lives
  • The questions to ask every time an emotion is provoked
Dr. Arlene Taylor
Dr. Arlene Taylor

Arlene R. Taylor PhD, a leading speaker on brain function, is sometimes referred to as the brain guru. She specializes in simplifying this complex topic, with the goal of helping individuals understand more about the brain in general and their own in particular. She delights in helping others learn how to thrive by design. Dr. Taylor is founder and president of Realizations Inc, a nonprofit corporation that engages in brain-function research and provides related educational resources.

She’s a prominent speaker all around the world and the author of numerous books about brain health for children and adults, including Your Brain Has a Bent (Not a Dent!), which is in it’s 3rd edition and teaches us how to use the design of our brain to be more successful.