For too long we have believed the myth that we simply need to find the right friend. But the truth is we need is to learn how to foster the right friendship.

In other words, our biggest problem isn't that we don’t know enough people, but rather that most of us don’t actually know how to make a friendship happen with the people we’re meeting.

And who can blame us for not knowing how to develop healthy friendships? Most of us were never taught!

In fact, most of us don’t even know the definition of friendship, let alone understand how the three requirements of all healthy friendships can teach us how to start, develop, repair, and even end, any friendship. Unfortunately our education didn’t teach us such things as how to express empathy without taking on the feelings of others, what healthy expectations in a friendship should be, how to practice appropriate vulnerability, or how to express what we need in our relationships. That knowledge doesn’t come automatically!

As part of The Friendship University, you can purchase any class you want and start practicing better friendships today.

What Each Class Includes:

    • 1-hr audio class (mp3) taught to inspire, provide research, and focus on personal application of actions for personal and relational growth
    • Customized worksheet designed to increase learning retention and encourage personal reflection and evaluation
    • Choose Your Courageous Practice to inspire you to commit to one goal or action that you will practice in your friendships based on each subject
    • Sharing Questions written to serve as conversation starters with your friends so you can keep exploring the subject while bonding with those in your life
    • and, 4 Inspiring memes that you can post or print as reminders of your learnings or as inspiration to share on social media